Frequently Asked Questions

Does Massage Therapy Hurt?

We work within the clients comfort level, so at any time you may let your therapist know your pressure preference.

How much of my clothing do I remove for a massage?

The client is always encouraged to undress to their personal comfort level. Privacy is upheld at all times and proper draping is always used,no exceptions. We suggest getting undressed down to undergarments so that clothing,jewelry, ect does not interfere with session. 

How many treatments will it take to reach my skin care goal?

The number of treatments varies by client, condition, and compliance. Depending on the clients home care regimen, time in sun, habits,frequency and duration of treatments all contribute to the success of the treatment plan. Being honest with the clinician will help us reach the best possible result. 

Will my face be red after my peel or microdermabrasion?

Most clients experience no redness at all.Clients leave with skin looking smooth and refreshed. If redness does occur it dissipates shortly following treatment. Adhering to post procedure protocol is the the biggest factor in skins appearance after peel.

Will I peel? How long will it last?

Peeling and duration of peeling depends on how resilient the clients skin is and how aggressive the client and clinician decide to be in treatment. All options and expectations are discussed before any treatment is applied. 

What should I do before my Chemical Peel or Microdermabrasion?

Discontinue any anti-aging or anti-acne products 2 to 3 days before your treatment.