​​The Electrolysis procedure 
Electrolysis is the ONLY PERMANENT method of hair removal and has been used for over 125 years. It is safe and effective for all hair colors and skin types.

Electrolysis treatments are a form of electrical epilation where a probe is inserted into the hair follicle and a minimal amount of current is delivered to the root of hair to destroy it through a variety of modalities. All modalities will treat only the offending hair follicle, making this a non-invasive and more direct route to target unwanted hair. 

Galvanic Electrolysis - Galvanic electrolysis is the oldest type for of this hair removal. The direct current used extremely effective but very slow. It creates a chemical change in the follicle to disable the root.
Thermolysis Electrolysis – Thermolysis uses shortwave radio frequency or AC current. Thermolysis causes the water molecules by your hair to rapidly vibrate, which produces heat. When enough heat is created, thermolysis damages the cells that cause hair growth. 
Blend Electrolysis – True to its name, blend combines both galvanic and thermolysis in one treatment. If one type of electrolysis doesn’t kill your unwanted hair the other will. 

What To Expect 
Our hair is constantly changing from a number of factors in our DNA that make our hair growth patterns truly unique. It is this diversity that makes proper hair removal through electrolysis a process. As our body reacts to different situations such as hormones, medications, weight and even our genes, our hair growth pattern changes and may activate dormant hair follicles. 

The complex nature of hair growth controls the number of sessions required to reach your personal preference of hair removal. Generally, electrolysis is typically noticeable within 4 months and can take up to 12 months for complete and permanent results(depending on the size of area being treated). Frequent sessions are recommend so we may treat the follicle right when it emerges and at its optimal time for reaction.   Sessions can be from 15 minutes to 90 minutes in duration.

Each individual has a different tolerance level, and that is taken into account.Electrolysis methods can be described as causing a tingling or warming sensation, but is considered to be comfortable and tolerable.After your treatment, it is common to experience redness or swelling, both of which are usually short lived. These are both natural reactions from the stimulus applied the follicle and can be eased with the use of an ice pack and witch hazel. In order to prevent any additional reaction, it is critical that you inform you technician of any medical conditions, medications, supplements, lotions and oils. 

*Electrolysis is the only modality recognized by the FDA and the medical community for permanent hair removal.
*Electrolysis has fewer side-effects/dangers than laser hair removal.
*It has been around for over 125 years with a proven track record.
*Electrolysis removes the need for additional treatment to the same area (saving money, hassles, and time).
*If there is any regrowth of hair it is thinner, lighter and less noticeable
*Electrolysis works on any hair color or skin type unlike laser which only works on light skin and dark hair.
*Electrolysis targets not only hair follicles but hair-growing cells as well (further removing chance for hair re-growth).
*Electrolysis is an effective, attractive option for people with medical-condition-induced hair growth (PCOS); transgendered individuals; and people who want smooth, hair-free skin permanently because of their jobs (e.g., models, professional swimmers, etc.).

All electrolysis treatments are performed with a single use probe.Tweezers are sterilized in an autoclave.

Preparing for Session

*Exfoliate your skin.Exfoliation is very important to prep your skin for electrolysis because it removes all the debris that can clog the hair follicle and make  

  insertions difficult. 

​*Quit other hair removal methods like waxing, threading or tweezing. 

  Electrolysis will work faster with the maximum number of hairs present on the skin during treatment. This is because when you remove the hair, even through  

  shaving, the slower growing hairs can take MONTHS to emerge, thus, prolonging your electrolysis treatment plan. Trimming is the best option for noticeable


*I am happy to discuss common pain management options prior to first treatment. 

15 minutes $25
30 minutes $40
45 minutes $60
60 minutes $70

Commonly Treated Areas



Upper lip


Sides of face







Beard Lines







Fingers and toes

Bikini lines